Caribbean: real estate properties for sale in Samana, Dominican Republic

Welcome to our page "Properties and real estate for sale in Samana, Dominican Republic in the Caribbean": a dream beach in the West Indies

Samana is a peninsula of the Dominican Republic (not to be confused with the isle of the Dominique, between the Guadelupe and the Martinique) heading into the Atlantic Ocean, in the north of the Caribbean. It lays four or five hours drive away from Santo Domingo, the capital city of the Dominican Republic.

The property offer in the Samana area consists of apartments in low buildings, terraced houses, and detached cottages or villas.

This choice of properties for sale in Samana in the Caribbean is intended for a public already familiar with the Dominican Republic, its uses, its habits, its way of life. For the sake of its planning, my local correspondent cannot attend visitors who would be completely new to this beautiful area of the Caribbean.

The beach, two steps away from your future property in Samana in the Caribbean Dominican Republic

During holidays, you will quietly discover the region, and even may find, if you like the place, your villa under the cocoa trees, along the beach, in the Caribbean.

Map of the Dominican Republic

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